Holiday Inn Express, Canberra City

About the proposed development

SB&G Group is proposing to build a new hotel on land at the front of the existing Crowne Plaza Hotel. The hotel site is located at 1 Binara Street Canberra City, on part of land known as Block 21 Section 65 City. 

The site of the proposed hotel is currently used as an at grade car parking area. The proposed hotel has an approximate 620sqm square metre floor plate.

The proposal comprises a new hotel building with approximately 290 rooms/suites in a 15-storey building, plus one basement level for services and back of house areas. The proposal includes a drop-off area on Binara St for the new hotel, and a lounge & restaurant, meeting room and wet areas at ground level for use of hotel guests & visitors. The Mezzanine level will host an additional meeting room, administration office and storage areas. The proposed hotel will share some back of house facilities (i.e.: loading dock, staff change rooms) with the existing hotel on site but will be capable of being operated independently.

The proposed development also seeks to vary the existing Crown Lease that applies to the site to facilitate the proposed development.

The proposed hotel has a building height up to RL617m as permitted in this part of the City, subject to planning approval.

The proposed hotel has the advantage of being close to many of Canberra’s business and tourism attractions, including public and private sector office buildings, the National Convention Centre, Canberra Centre, and Casino Canberra.  The site is also close to Glebe Park and to public and active travel opportunities.

The proposed hotel also aims to improve the amenity of the Binara Street precinct, with widening of the public footpath immediately in front of the hotel, and provision of an awning above the hotel entrance and much of the widened footpath.

The proposed development meets the ACT’s stated objectives for the zoning of the land by:

  • providing and enhancing accommodation facilities,
  • enhancing local economic diversity through a different accommodation offering in this part of the City Centre,
  • providing accommodation that is close to public transport
  • protecting the amenity of nearby residents – particularly relating to privacy
  • designing a hotel in a location compatible with but providing a modern look to its surrounding area
  • designing a building of similar scale to its surrounds, while protecting surrounding trees in Glebe Park and on most of the subject site.
  • Encouraging activity at street level through improved pedestrian amenity and ground level commercial / restaurant uses.

Further information on the project can also be found through the links below:

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